About Mill Street Mercantile

Message from Darla McWilliam


Hello! Thanks for dropping by!                                                                  

In November of 2009, I was peering in the windows of the empty space of what I knew as “the old bakery”. The building, I knew, housed one of the first businesses in Fertile and I could see the potential to make it a viable business once again.

The idea of a “mercantile” actually came from conversations heard and input from the community.  Basics such as thread and under clothing were not available within many miles of Fertile.  I decided to combine those basic needs with an eclectic blend of merchandise ranging from kitchen gadgets to Scandinavian sweaters.  It’s an enjoyable and ongoing challenge to find, provide and display these diverse items in a manner that is fun and makes sense in a positive, comfortable atmosphere.  Quality, unique, eclectic…some you need, some make everyday tasks easier and some just to make you happy. I am always on the look out for quality products at every price point so there is truely something for everyone.

About The Building

Although I couldn’t find an actual “built in” date, I’m sure that the building predates the1900′s. It has moved twice and has been a drug store, a bakery and an insurance agency.

About The Town

I haven’t always lived here, but have always called Fertile home. It’s where I was born, graduated high school and still cheer for the home team.

This small Minnesota town has a lot to offer. From the beautiful golf course and nature center to the unique shops and services, Fertile has become a destination for both business and pleasure.

The “City of Flowers” celebrated its 125th anniversary in July of 2012!